Friday, August 4, 2017

Tent Creations

Yesterday for Maths in Te Waka Ako we used both science and precision to make tents.

 The reason we had to do this task was on a math problem book there were people on an island and they got to choose how they built a tent. Some of the builders chose different shapes and some fell down but some stayed put.

 For the materials we used tooth picks and modeling clay (plasticine). There were a lot of problems, like having to pinpoint the exact location to put both the toothpicks and plasticine.

 What was fun is that we got to choose which way we built the tent. I chose a lot of different shapes including an L shape, A cube shape and finally the pyramid shape. All of the shapes fell down but the pyramid shape was the strongest.

Overall the project is both fun and challenging at the same time.

also I was wondering why the pyramid shape was so strong and I found a website that said why it is so strong. This is the website link.

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